key factors of the selected technology

key factors of the selected technology

The objective of this assignment is to gain experience in conducting an assessment of “appropriate technology.”  For this assignment, you are to examine a situation that has already been completed rather than discuss a hypothetical scenario.  To guide your research, use the following factors and questions to structure your research report.

•    Identify and describe relevant and key factors of the selected technology.
•    Describe and present important and identifying factors of the geographic location.
•    Describe the major characteristics of the predominant culture.
•    Identify the major religion of the country and discuss what, if any, aspects of the use of the selected technology may be influenced by the dominant religion of the country.
•    Describe the economy of the country and discuss its relationship to the use or determination of the appropriate technology in this economy.

The following overriding questions are to be central to your report.

•    What are the factors that governed the development and implementation of the appropriate technology in this country?
•    What was the development process of the technology in terms of social, cultural, and economic considerations?

You may use the following websites or others to help you with the assignment.

• (data, data and maps, data by topic, labor force and employment, wages and productivity)
• (What do we do?)
• (projects, projects search (ENERGY), renewable energy project)

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