For this Written Assignment you will be writing a 1-2-page paper using APA format, 12-point font and standard margins. You are REQUIRED to use a minimum of 3 (three) outside sources to support your points in your paper. Make sure you include a proper reference page.

Which would be more beneficial to the legal system, to the victims, and to the defendants – a jury of one’s peers or jurors who are are hired to seek the facts and truth of a trial? Which would be more beneficial to the legal system, to the victims, and to the defendants? Explain and support your answer.

It has been estimated that 90 percent of all jury trials in the world take place in the United States. What if the United States did not have the right to trial by jury? How would the court system be different?

Select one highly publicized case and either support the right for a trial by jury or argue against it.

Finally, define jury nullification and discuss whether justice would be better served if jury nullification were explained to the jury as a possible basis for their decision.

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