Journal on Four Market Models

Please analyze the Table 10.1 on page 99 (Gold Box Numbers) [or page 221 regular edition], “Characteristics of the Four Basic Market

Models”. This Table is describing Four Basic Market Models: Pure Competition, Pure Monopoly, Monopolistic Competition, and Oligopoly. It

is also is giving the examples of the industries that belongs to each of those market structures.

Select one of the  four market models and pick the industry representing the example of this market structure according to the Table.

Analyze thisindustry using presented in the Table five major Characteristics of each Market Model and provide the argumentation explaining

your choice of the industry and your opinion why this industry is the example of the respective market structure.

The length of this Journal reflection is 300-500 words.
Grading Criteria:

Strong/Mastered (9-10 points): main idea is clear; numerous details are used to develop the main idea; the logical pattern of the text

organization; each paragraph focuses on one strong supportive point; topic subject lent to industry examples and relative statistics where

it is relevant; text is free of errors in grammar.
Adequate/Validated (6-8 points):  main idea is clear; sufficient details are used to develop the main idea; the logical pattern is present

with perhaps minor inconsistencies; topic subject supported examples; text may contain some errors in grammar.
Weak/Developing (1-5 points): main idea is unclear or ineffectively placed; very few or no details are used to develop main idea; there is

no logical pattern in the text organization; topic subject was not supported examples; there are frequent errors in grammar.

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