journal article

journal article
Paper details:
Research articles contains several standard parts ad it is necessary to understand the distinctive elements in order to accurately valuate the research being presented.
1) Title and Author information: the title provides the main idea of the article and authors are listed, along with their affiliation.
2) Abstract a paragraph: that summarizes the article.
3) Introduction ( may not always be labeled): provides background, states the purpose of the research leading up to the study. and may state a hypothesis or question.
4) Method or methodology: describes how the research was conducted, with details about the study sample, assessment measures and procedure.
5) Results or findings: a summary of the findings presented in text or table format, may have individual sections with specific information.
6) Discussion, comments or conclusion: explains how the results answered the research question and may suggest future areas for research.
7) References: a listing of works cited by the author(s).

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