journal 2

journal 2

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this is two part assignment.

Part 1
a 1 page double-spaced, type-written paper on how you plan to care for yourself this semester and throughout the rest of your nursing career. Please answer these questions

1. What can you do to effectively manage your stress?

2. How can you proactively take care of yourself physically?

3. How will you continue to learn throughout your career?

4. What are some long-range goals you want to attain in your nursing career?

The files attached are for part 2 of the assignment.

Part 2
In the Vital Skills book, complete the assessment on pages 191 – 193. What was your score? Read the rationales on pages 193 – 197.

I have attached the page 191 -197 for you to review it and answer these questions.

Based on these readings, answer all the following questions:

1.What was your score on the Assessment, pp. 191 -193

2.What did you learn from reading the rationales about your test taking skills?
3.What are you doing well?
4.Where do you need to improve?
5.What tips are you going to use on your next test?

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