ITT Terminal payment system business plan essay (ex. Qiwi)

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Create a strategy and plan for the development of an entrepreneurial business of your choice. The scope and criteria for this assignment will be developed as part of the seminar requirements. This should be supported by a written essay incorporating the key course themes and relevant and critical analysis (2500 words).

Please Use the below questions as Guide Lines!
Answer them in an essay structure

What is the business proposition and why is it a good idea?
How did you come up with the idea?
How have you confirmed there is a need for your business (trial)?
What research have you’ve carried out with your target customers and market
Explain why you believe you are the right person to be doing this
Who are your customers and how will you reach them?
Who are you competing with and how will you beat them
How will your product be produced/how will your service be carried out?
Which third parties are involved in the operational side of the business?
How much do the product(s)/services(s) cost to produce/deliver and how will they be delivered to the customer?
What staff will you require initially?
What is your approach to sales and marketing (price, place, promotion)
What is success for your business?

My business is the terminals that are used to top up for mobile network operators
example is Qiwi Terminal Payment system in Russia and etc

Please make an essay based on their business model!

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