Random Access Memory (RAM)


Answer the questions below in a Word document of at least 500 words.

Open the control panel on your computer, then open system and maintenance, then system.
How much RAM is installed on your computer?
Using your computer’s manufacturer’s support web site or computer user manual, determine the type of memory that your system supports. If you built your own computer, use the motherboard support site.
Using your web browser, estimate the cost of replacing 4GB of RAM for your computer. Provide options for upgrading capabilities and cost. Make a decision on a possibility of upgrading, why would you need to upgrade, to what capacity and for how much?
Which PC component utilizes L1, L2 memory. What is L1 and L2? How are they being utilized, and to what benefit? Who manages L1, L2?  andhow? How is L1 and L2 different, if they are different, from the conventional system memory?

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