Issues and trends in human resources.

Investigate a career development issue that has both current and future significance to the HR profession and to yourself. You may focus on a particular issue (e.g., employee productivity & retention focus, diversity and inclusiveness, motivating workers, employee engagement initiatives, the changing role of management, leading people), population segments (e.g., women, minorities, immigrants, migrant workers, the unemployed, the under-employed, the “middle class”), a societal trend and its impact on careers (e.g., tele-commuting, job sharing, consulting), or some combination of these or other areas.

The topic (and the title of your presentation) must be in the form of a researchable question. Examples: “How do social service agencies address issues of workforce diversity?” “What effects does the glass ceiling have on women’s career development in law firms?” “What kinds of jobs and individuals are best suited for tele-commuting?”

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