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This needs to be a Synthesis Essay……(from my textbook) –
-A synthesis essay addresses your synthesis question. It also summarizes and analyzes the views of at least two writers on your synthesis question. Furthermore, the synthesis essay shows how you have wrestled with different perspectives on your synthesis question and have synthesized these ideas to arrive at your own new view of the question.
-If you can use my thesis statement – The United States should invest in a better strategy to combat ISIS.
-Also, if you can use my synthesis question – What role should the United States play in dealing with ISIS?
– So there needs to be 2 sources (both scholarly)
-at least 2 paragraphs, one paragraph each for summarizing each source
-at least 2 paragraphs, one paragraph each for analyzing each source
-at least 2 paragraphs, one paragraph each for synthesizing each source
-Total essay, at least 1,000 words
-The introduction hooks the reader and sets up your synthesis question and thesis statement and a concluding paragraph which wraps up the essay and reinforces the thesis.
– The summary itself should be objective with no opinion or “I” statements.
-Save your opinions for the analysis and synthesis parts of the essay.

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