Is Tully right to suggest that modern citizenship is an exclusive and/or colonising concept? Justify your answer with examples from one country of your choice.

Is Tully right to suggest that modern citizenship is an exclusive and/or colonising concept? Justify your answer with examples from one country of your choice.

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This Essay is primarily about James tullys book On Global citizenship and his lead essay which is the most crucial section of the book which you will see in the content of the book that i will upload On your website platform . Nonetheless, in the second section of the book is called responses which need to be read/used in the essay as well as the rest of the book. If you have any question please notify me.
In the description below as you can see is the assessment criteria please follow it carefully. in terms of citations please include the page number in the bibliography too.
In marking essays, I will consider the following:
1. extent to which the essay question has been addressed using relevant material from the module reading list. These need to be combined with material acquired through independent research;
2. structure, coherence and justification of the argument put forward;
3. clarity and accuracy with which ideas are expressed;
4. degree to which different concepts and theoretical approaches are sufficiently described, discussed and integrated;
5. range of research and collation of information and material;
selection and correct attribution of sources in support of an argument.
More specifically:
Structure and Quality of Argument
Is the thesis of the essay stated in the introduction?
Is the overall structure of the argument clear and coherent?
Are the points made in a logical sequence?
Is the argument sufficiently analytical?
Is there a conclusion?
Does the conclusion address the essay question directly?
Is the conclusion adequately supported by the preceding argument?
Is the writer’s argument adequately backed up rather than just asserted?
Are the sources used subjected to analysis and critical reflection?
Has the student researched the topic sufficiently?
Are there any important omissions?
Has the student thought about what s/he has read or simply reproduced material from sources?
Is there evidence of critical thinking or an original synthesis?
Has the student gone beyond the essential reading?
Use of Evidence
Are the points made supported by evidence from cited sources?
Are the sources drawn on sufficient and appropriate?
If empirical evidence is used, is it described clearly and in appropriate detail?
Does the evidence presented support the conclusions reached?
Is the interpretation of the evidence presented appropriately qualified (i.e. have overgeneralisations and sweeping statements been avoided)?
Writing Style and Presentation of the Essay
Is the essay referenced correctly?
Are quotations identified and fully referenced?
Are the ideas presented fully credited?
Is the essay fluent and readable?
Is the grammar and spelling adequate?
Has the writer made an effort to use their own words?

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