Is diplomacy and negotiation a tool of war?

Is diplomacy and negotiation a tool of war?
it may be important to know that the course is LLM International Law, and the module for this essay is called Theory and concepts in diplomacy in foreign policy, so although the essay is on diplomacy please make sure it also has a legal basis.
I will upload a presentation + lecture and a few readings that i have on this topic that the writer can look at. Please bare in mind the essay should NOT be generic rather a critical analysis of the question with an incorporation of case study or examples, please please avoid being generic. i would really appreciate if the writer can provide me with a few bullet points or an outline before completing the essay that way to avoid any issues, and we both agree on what the essay is to include.
feel free to split the essay into clear sections if needed, referencing style is Oxford, please also use footnotes. if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact at me any time.

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