Is Corporate Social Reporting (CSR) Allied with Tax Avoidance and Tax Planning?

: Evidence from Malaysia
Change the instructions:

1. Use a simple words and easy to understand especially from non-accounting students readers.
2. Just an overall idea of this research should be done for the real thesis next semester.
3. Need all soft copy from articles or journal references for my reading and reviewing.
4. Write in Malaysia context, not other countries.
5. Follow the sub topic given as below:

1. Introduction (General explanation)
2. Problem Statement (Briefly explain why this research must be done)
3. Research Gap (Compare to previous research)
4. Research Questions (3 questions)
5. Research Objectives (3 questions)
6. Research Hypothesis (if suitable)
7. SIMPLE Theoretical / Conceptual Framework /Model (Draw and explain)
8. Literature Review (Minimum 15 references)
9. Research Methodology & Design
10. References

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