Is capitalist globalization desirable, especially for poor countries?

Is capitalist globalization desirable, especially for poor countries?

The research project invites students to substantively discuss a significant scientific controversy or debate by placing it in its wider social context. The aim is for students to explore how the production of scientific knowledge may be influenced by societal forces and interests, social identities, emotions and ideologies. Your exploration of a controversy should culminate in a well-written and organized research paper, typed and double spaced, of approximately 3000 words (though you may run over). 11 pages
Among the questions that your paper should address:
• How might different sides in the controversy reflect different societal interests and identities, or political, emotional or ideological orientations?
• What evidence and methods (e.g. surveys, interviews, historical documents, etc.) do the authors bring to bear in supporting their arguments? Do authors within the controversy selectively perceive or “cherry pick” information in support of their views?
• Do they accuse the other side(s) of the debate of ideological bias? Do they engage in “moral reading,” i.e., draw out the allegedly harmful political implications or ideological motivations of other authors?
• How do you assess the debate? What do you believe are the reasons for the differing standpoints in the controversy? Which position do you believe is best supported by the evidence?
Do not simply answer these questions in a stepwise fashion, but rather integrate them into your narrative. Make sure that in doing so you describe the historical or social background of the controversy, including how it has played out in public or in the press. Try as well to apply in your discussion – but only if appropriate — relevant concepts that we have reviewed in the course (e.g., objectivity, generalizability, falsifiability, reductionism, nomothetic, idiographic, variables, induction, deduction, normative, ideology critique, etc.).
Papers will be graded based on both substance and form:

Substance (70 percent of grade): Accuracy and substantive content of project; depth of discussion; amount of research and detail; appropriate integration of concepts.
Form (30 percent of grade): Coherence of narrative; clarity and organization of ideas; grammar and spelling; conscientiousness; consistency in citation style.

Sources; Make sure you use 6 scholar articles related to this topic and the book “Why Globalization Works, Martin Wolf 2005” Also, use quotes from the book and the other 6 scholar articles. Make sure you put the pages numbers.
Please upload your final papers (in Word format) with a bibliography of all 7

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