IQ Testing/ Functional Behavioral Assessment

IQ Testing/ Functional Behavioral Assessment

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What is the difference between a functional behavioral assessment and a functional behavior analysis?
2. Define the term tantrum in behavioral terms.
3. Mark and Joey are in the same math class. Mark was looking through his materials in his desk and was not attending to the work assigned by the teacher. Joey was working on his math class assignment and Mark began talking to Joey. Joey was distracted and was not able to redirect himself back to the task. The teacher reprimanded Joey. Mark laughed. Identify the ABCs of Joey and Mark’s behavior.
4. What is a manifestation determination and why would a student need one?
5. Analyze the anecdotal recording. What are the antecedents, behaviors, and consequences?
Amber is presented with a math worksheet. Looked through desk. Delayed starting assignment.
Dropped worksheet on floor. Delayed starting assignment.
Sharpened her pencil. Delayed starting assignment.
Looked around room. Watched other students. Escape/avoid assignment.
Noises in hall or outside. Looked in the hallway or out the window. Escape/avoid assignment.

1. Guidelines have been provided for the appropriate use of IQ tests. Discuss at least three of these guidelines.
2. Explain what is meant by the term “adaptive behavior” and provide specific examples.
3. Discuss the possible ways in which IQ testing may be biased.
4. Discuss three considerations that should be addressed when determining which adaptive behavior scale to use with a student.
5. Several issues regarding IQ testing have been debated in the literature. Discuss at least three of these issues.

( Question 5 ( Analyze the anecdotal ) see attached file.

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