Introduction to Psychology/ Developmental Psychology

• There is a clear structure in your essay, with a clear line of argument. For example, you will need to organise relevant points so that they are gathered together in a logical way, rather than being scattered throughout the essay. You will need to provide a clear introductory statement and to reach a clear conclusion. You also need to link your points together to so that sentences and paragraphs follow each other in a meaningful way. There should be a clear ‘line of reasoning’ throughout your essay. You should only include material that supports this line of reasoning. A clear line of reasoning will lead the reader logically from one point the next and then to the conclusion. There should be no ‘leaps of logic’ where it is not clear how a conclusion has been arrived at, for example, or why an argument is being made. It should also be clear how each point contributes to the overall conclusion.
Shows the relationship between different issues or concepts.
Demonstrates an awareness of flaws and strengths in competing arguments.

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