Introduction to Marketing


Throughout the semester, you will be reading information pertaining to each chapter’s topic.
At the end of each chapter, there is what is known as a ‘Case’. These cases are designated with
Fourway arrows highlighted in blue.
From the 19 assigned chapters to read, there will be only ten (10) cases utilized for this project
with one (1) question from each of the cases within the ten (10) required.

• Case 1.1 ‐ Page 32 ‐ Hewlett Packard Reduces, Reuses, Recycles

HP has entered a partnership with the National Cristina Foundation to accept used computer equipment for donation. What other partners, might help the company achieve its sustainability goals in the future?

• Case 4.1 ‐ Page 130 ‐ Proctor & Gamble’s New Web Strategy

Do you think Personalization, customization, or behavioral targeting can help Web sites like the eStore to succeed? What sort of personal information would you be willing to share online to improve a retailer’s ability to meet your needs?

• Case 5.1 ‐ Page 166 ‐ How Color is Used in Marketing

Choose one of the following Companies. What colors does it use predominantly in its logo or packaging? How do these colors affect the perception of its product?
a. Wendy’s
b. Microsoft
c. L.L. bean
d. Starbucks

• Case 7.1 ‐ Page 232 ‐ General Motors: Revved Up in China

Through overseas expansion, General Motors takes advantage of untapped markets. But that strategy came under criticism after the company received bailout money from the U.S. government. Do you think the criticism was warranted? Why?

• Case 9.1 ‐ Page 306 ‐ Carrol’s Restaurant Group: Feeding a Hungry Public

Carrol’s Restaurant Group operates three very different restaurant chains. Imagine that you work in the company’s marketing department. How would you segment the market for those different business?

• Case 10.1 ‐ Page 336 ‐ Microsoft Uses Partnership to Bet on Bing

Which partner do you think has more to gain from he Microsoft-Yahoo! Partnership, Microsoft or Yahoo!? Why?

• Case 14.1 ‐ Page 480 ‐ Groupon: Finding Strength in Numbers

What are the key Components to Flight 001’s retailing strategy?

• Case 15.1 ‐ Page 523‐4 ‐ Google Wants to Dominate in Display Ads

Do you think Google is investing enough in efforts to measure the effectiveness of online display ads? Are you ever influenced by these ads?

• Case 16.1 ‐ Page 561‐2 ‐ Politicians and ‘Their’ Music

Does a Candidate’s use of a song you like (or dislike) affect your overall impression of the candidate? Why?

• Case 19.1 ‐ Page 665‐6 ‐ Holding the (Price) Line on Luxury Goods

What other pricing promotions could a luxury retailer offer to build sales? Should a retailer use different strategies when targeting existing customers? Why?
After picking the selected question from each of the cases:
‐Elaborate on your answers with enough detail to support your statements. You may want to
utilize any linked Websites the text lists within the Case box for that particular company or
‐Using those Websites may help you enhance your critical thinking on that specific topic
allowing for a more elaborate response. If you quote anyone, or use material directly from a
site or book verbatim, you need to reference that source either at the bottom of the page of the
work, or in a “Bibliography” at the end of your project to avoid plagiarism.
‐It is important that you follow the directions below to help maximize your grade on this
‐Missing questions or other issues that do not follow the procedures for this project will lower
your overall score.
‐Before writing your response, list the case number, and write out the question you are
answering so it is clear as to what question you are answering.
‐Answer each question thoroughly with a minimum of several paragraphs or more for each one.
‐Answer in sentence and paragraph form, not an outline format.
‐Type your work using one of the following fonts and sizes only: “Arial” or “Times New Roman” –
Size “12” and double‐spaced.
Extra Credit
Be sure to include your name and ID number on all pages.
Advertising plays an important part of the marketing mix, which includes many types of media. Using
paragraph form, explain the major advantages and disadvantages associated with using each of the
following advertising media: Television, radio, newspapers, magazines, direct mail, outdoor
advertising, and Internet advertising. Give examples of the types of advertisers most likely to use
each medium. Include several examples of the various advantages and disadvantages within each
type of media as listed.
To answer the questions with an adequate response, your paper should be a minimum of four (4) or
more pages in length, double-spaced and typed using 12 point size type with either Arial or Times
New Roman font. You need to use a minimum of three (3) sources to complete this assignment. One
of the sources may be the textbook. Be sure to give proper credit to any material you quote or
specifically use from all sources either as footnotes or in bibliography form. Papers turned in
without proper credit for sources will not receive a grade.



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