Interviewing a manager


Required interview questions:
(1) Can you describe a week at work? What activities/tasks do you regularly engage in?
(2) In your opinion, how should an effective manager manage employees? What kind of a managerial approach do you follow? Can you give examples?
(3) How is being a manager different from being an employee? What are some of the things that changed when you became a manager?
(4) Do you ever face ethical challenges as a manager? How do you handle them?
(5) As a manager you make many decisions every day. How do you make decisions? Do you make plans and think through every alternative before you make decisions? Or do you also listen to your intuition while making decisions?
(6) Can you tell me about your strategic planning process? What tasks and processes do you engage in with regards to strategic planning?
You can ask additional or follow-up questions as well.
After the interview, organize the answers and prepare a 4-to 5-page, essay-type report that consists ofthe following sections:
1. Manager’s name / title / organization
2. Job description/ responsibilities
3. Management approach the manager follows
4. Changes experienced after being a manager
5. Ethical challenges and handling methods
6. Managerial decision making methods
7. Strategic planning tasks/process Under sections 3-7, first paraphrase the manager’s answer, and then have a title “analysis and recommendations,” under which you analyze the manager’s answer using the related course topic: Do the manager’s answers overlap or contradict with what we learnt in our classes? How so? Explain.
Do you have any recommendations for this manager?
At the very end of the report, have a title “Lessons learned,” under
which you reflect upon the lessons you learnt in this interview
overall and how you can use them in your own work life and career.


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