Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

– This is a “pretend” interview

– Pretend you are interviewing a Civil Engineer from a company called Parsons Engineering.

– Engineers name: Ramsey Zahlan (He is a Civil Engineer)

– MLA format

– minimum of 3 pages

– You must make the interview sound as real as it can be. Think about answering the questions below in an “engineering point of view”

– Possible questions to choose from:

  1. What led you to choose your profession?
  2. Waht are the most stimulating dimensions of your professional activity?
  3. What are the most difficult aspects of your professional activity?
  4. Has your experience in your career altered you ethical values?
  5. What is an ethical issue that you have encountered in yout professional life and how did you address it?
  6. What was the toughest ethical decision you have had to make in your career?
  7. How does innovation figure in the course of your work?
  8. What sort of risks must your firm handle?
  9. How does you firm address ethical standards?
  10. Have you considered the environmental impacts of your position?
  11. Who do you consider to be the stakeholders in your firm?
  12. How do you beleive that your company’s work acts as  a steward in the local community/contributes to the common good?


– Remember this is a “pretend” interview…

– Answer these questions as an engineer would…


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