International Marketing Plan (Blackmores expanding to Peru)

International Marketing Plan (Blackmores expanding to Peru)

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This project involves the development of the remaining sections of an international marketing plan for
an actual organisation. (This assessment will use Blackmores, Vitamin supplement based in Australia expanding its product and market to other country which is Peru)

In this assessment you will build on what you have developed in Asst 3 and
complete the remaining sections of a comprehensive international marketing plan. The final document
should include your work from Asst 3, revised as necessary, as the first part of the overall plan.
See Project Guide on Interact for details on each section. Students are expected to develop a detailed
market entry plan that will involve making decisions on issues such as:
mode of entry;
local partners;
segmentation, targeting, positioning;
strategic options for the 4 Ps (or 7Ps), including the extent of standardisation vs. adaptation
with respect to domestic or other international marketing plans already in place; and
managing, measuring and controlling the international marketing effort.

The emphasis is
not on bulk writing but clearly expressed and supported arguments, as well as creative ideas. Bullet
points, diagrams and graphs are encouraged. Make sure the report is a coherent argument from start to
finish. You should not leave the reader to make inferences from what you have written. This means
that the theory and data you use to support your points should be made explicit. As well, you must include detailed supplementary material in appendices to support the analysis presented in your plan.
Students are expected to acknowledge the source of ideas and expressions used in all academic work.
Failure to do so may constitute plagiarism and academic misconduct.
Your assignment should be free of colloquial language and spelling, grammatical and typographical

An ideal assignment is your opinion, supported by evidence from respected/reliable sources, expressed
in your own words, and fully referenced as to the source of ideas, facts and quotations. ‘In your own
words’ is critical in displaying your understanding of the material, rather than being expert at copy and

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