International Management

International Management

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Assignment question: Select a company, and draw on frameworks learned from this module to analyze the international strategy of the company. You need to answer the following questions:
1. To what extent is this company internationalized?
2. How is this company being challenged when going international, how is it managed to address the challenge? Please choose one challenge and one relevant international strategy the company employed to illustrate.
3. What is the company’s future development, what do you recommend through your analysis.

Guiding notes:
In this assignment, you need to demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the international strategy of the company as well as the theories covered in the lectures. You are expected to use relevant materials from a range of sources, including textbooks, journal articles, conference proceedings etc. when formulating your assignment.

Marking Criteria:

Literature review and creativity
Analytical Skills
Overall Structure

With the selection of company, example: Nike Coca-cola, Mc Donalds, Apple, Colgate, Microsoft, IBM, etc. The strategy I prefer to use is strategic Alliances. Also the courseowrk must include what mode of entry did the chosen company use.

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