international adoptions

The number of international adoptions is increasing. With greater numbers of international adoptions, researchers are starting to identify some of the factors that predict positive and negative outcomes for children adopted from overseas.
Discuss a minimum of three and a maximum of five factors that researchers have examined to predict developmental outcomes for children who have been adopted from overseas. For each factor, you should include what the researchers have examined, how they have conducted the research and what they have found.
Note: Most developmental outcomes examined relate to cognition/IQ, personality, attachment, growth and health.
** Use of an introduction and conclusion that helps the reader to understand your essay.
Your introduction should make clear the importance of the topic you are discussing.
Your conclusion should sum up the evidence.
*** A demonstration that you understand the material you are citing in your essay. This
includes clear explanations, no use of quotes in your explanations, definitions of key
*** Clear identification of three to five important factors, including why researchers
*** Identification of developmental outcomes related to those factors. It is important to
provide some detail, for example if the outcome is attachment it is important to
indicate what attachment is and why it is important.
*** Discussion of how the research has been conducted. For example, if the
developmental outcome is intelligence, how did the researchers measure intelligence?
** A demonstration of the understanding of the quality of the evidence.

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