interdisciplinary studies

interdisciplinary studies

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In one of those odd twist-of-fate events that only seem to happen in academic settings, you find yourself stranded on a small, remote, but naturally tropical island with about 48 other people, all of whom are total strangers.(No, there are no hatches with buttons to press or odd time shifts on this island. No polar bears, either). For some reasons, you have to assumed a position of leadership among this group and you have decided how you are going to organise yourselves. First you must decide whether you are a Hobbesian or a Rousseauan-or maybe some combination of the two; that is, do you organise everyone along the lines of leviathan or The social contract or perhaps some new ideology. you must write a speech outlining your vision for island government and your basic political philosophy.
Assume the following:
• There are enough resources on the island to provide food and shelter for your group-although these resources are not limitless, and have to be managed carefully for long-term sustainability.
• There is a cross-section of skills among your party(i.e, you weren’t on a plane with a bunch of accountants), but probably not enough to cover everything you will need. You’ll have to decide how labour will be organised, and how exchange of goods and services will take place.
• Your leadership will not go unchallenged-assume at least one member of the group who believs the direct opposite of what you believe. You’ll have to work out how you will address this oppositions(keeping in mind that you’ll need everyone on the island, so creative elimination of enemies is not really an option).
• Despite(or perhaps because of)the possibility of dissension or mutiny, you must try to persuade your audience(the people you will be ruling) why your system of government is the best under the circumstances. And, of course, the phrase “state of nature” should play a large part in your final speech.

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