Intercultural Communications

Intercultural Communications

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Answer the following Questions! I will be attaching some readings in the attached file. Please answer the questions from the readings!
Q17) Eye-contact: Is staring rude? Where you come from, what does a locked-in look signify? Is it good or bad? Can you come up with an example to illustrate both (positive and negative)? LOOK AT THE READING EYE CONTACT FROM PAGE 221-223

Q18) What are a hongi and a karanga? They are examples of what? LOOK AT THE READING QUESTION 18 PAGE 232-233

Q19) How is office space different from country to country and culture to culture? Any examples that you can recall? (I like the one about the Jordanian venture capitalist, p. 238.) LOOK AT THE READING QUESTION 19 PAGE 236-239

Q20) What does silence mean in high and low context cultures? (We’ve covered this already, really). Are you comfortable with silence? Do you talk to others when seated on a plane? How about in an elevator? LOOK AT THE READING QUESTION 20

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