Integrating an Interview

Integrating an Interview

Paper details:
er: Late essays will not be accepted.
Description: Through the prism of one of the essays/occurrences below, examine how
women are viewed and/or portrayed in a male-dominated society. Interview a woman —
a spouse/partner, sister, mother, friend, boss, daughter, etc. — to get her perspective,
which must be incorporated into your essay.
? “Between the Sexes, A Great Divide” (Quindlen)
? “Being a Man” (Theroux)
? “Looking at Women” (Sanders)
? “Why Women Smile” (Cunningham)
? the Stop Telling Women to Smile project
? the case of the Isla Vista shooter
? Citation of text(s) and interview (MLA style, consult Little Seagull pp 109 – 157)
? 750 – 1000 words
? typed double-spaced
? font size no larger than 12 points
? 1-inch margins
? Do not use extra space between paragraphs.
See below for a sample document template. This is exactly how your essay should be
formatted. I deduct (3-10) points for incorrect formatting. Feel free to use
downloadable version of the template. It is located in the Helpful Links and Documents
folder. It is pre-formatted.

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