Integrate Colour Theory and Design Processes

Integrate Colour Theory and Design Processes
TEACHERS:  Carel Fillmer, Gail Rogers-Perazzo, Anastasia Keros, Pierre Cavalan.
CLASSES:  C1; C2; C3; C4
DATE ISSUED:  Week beginning 02/02/15
DATE DUE:  Week beginning 15/06/15

Research the colour assigned to you by the teacher and type one A4 page for each topic plus one A4 page of coloured images to support the context under the following headings:
1.    Historical – information on how your colour was first made and how was it used ?
2.    Social/Cultural – what cultural and social significance does your colour have?
3.    Psychological/Symbolic – what are the psychological or symbolic significances of your colour?
4.    Organic/ Natural World – Describe at least three different items of your colour in the natural world
5.    Man-made Object – describe a man-made object in your colour and the effect of using that colour ?
•    Bring work in on designated times to be assessed by teacher and a percentage mark given.
•    All the information compiled by your research will be submitted in a book designed by you taking into consideration the design elements and principles of your layout and the construction of the book needs to be neat and professional.

The book will be as creative as possible in the style and material of your choice and can be any shape and/or binding but must include the following:
•    To be no larger than A3 and must include a reference list or bibliography
•    Select relevant images from your research and design a layout  to include all 5 subjects
•    Front and Back cover have to be considered as part of the design
•    Must be professionally presented (craftsmanship is important if hand bound)
•    The colour allocated to you in class MUST be the dominant colour you can use the complimentary colour as a contrast
•    Consider the background colour. Try and avoid white unless that is the colour of your book, consider a lighter tone of your colour or the complimentary colour.
•    Consider the colour of the typeface, don’t just automatically use black

Week 3 –    Historical      10%
Week 4 –    Social/Cultural 10%
Week 5 –    Psychological/Symbolic  10%
Week 6 –   Organic & Natural World  10%
Week 7 –    Man-made Icon /Object   10%
Week 10 –  Collected materials/fabrics/photos/ drawings etc.
Week 14-   Layout discussed
Week 15-   Design Front and Back covers
Week 16-   Design layout
Week 17-   Finalise Book
Week 18 –  Due date for final finished and bound book

•    1 X finished printed and /or hand bound book professionally presented in plastic sleeve, bag or box
•    Five minute verbal presentation about the process and content plus one printed page of notes about your design
•    All work to be presented in a labelled plastic sleeve- no loose work will be accepted for marking.
•    Upload finished project as well as research, thumbnails and roughs to the Moodle as 1 PDF no larger 25mb on  presentation day.


NAME OF STUDENT………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

CLASS ………………………………. TEACHER………………………………………………………………………….DATE…………………………..

Late Submission: All projects must be submitted by the due date. Late submissions will be marked down by 10% each week that they are overdue. If projects are over 3 weeks late, they may be assessed as not satisfactory. No extensions of time will be granted without prior application approval unless a medical certificate is provided.
Assessment:  Students must achieve a satisfactory result for each brief to successfully complete this unit. Formative assessment provides feedback on your progress and does not contribute to your final result for the unit. Summative assessment determines your final result. Please refer to your Student Assessment Guides (SAG) available on the student drive under Student Drive/SAG/GDdiploma for the unit purpose, assessment information and grading criteria.
Attendance:  Students are required to attend all classes to discuss process, progress and development.

Research                            50%    (10% for each subject)
Analyse research results & evolve design solutions accordingly
Use design thinking & research strategies within a practical production process
Clearly communicate a rationale for design decisions
Mood board/s                                Satisfactory        Not Satisfactory
Design                                 30%
Visual information structured & organized to aid communication and orientation
A visual solution arrived at by employing creative problem solving, innovation & technical expertise
through the manipulation, combination & utilisation of shape, colour, imagery, typography & space
A highly finished mock-up/finished art                                                                              Satisfactory        Not Satisfactory
Participation in class         10%
Involvement in all class activities
Student liaised with teacher regularly & confirmed production requirements
Engagement in peer collaboration, visual exchange & conceptual dialogue
Effective review & reflection on project outcomes                 Satisfactory        Not Satisfactory
Presentation to class         10%
Design story told- explanation of the design process referencing the brief
Presentation of ideas in context
Clear and easy to understand
Presented the assignment on time and as required                 Satisfactory        Not Satisfactory

Distinction 88-100%
Outstanding in at least one area and/or professional outcome and presentation to industry standard. Evidence of comprehensive research and design process. Demonstration of original and creative thinking.
Credit 75-87%
An excellent response in at least one area and/or project fulfils all brief requirements. Well presented with evidence of research and process to an acceptable standard. Demonstration of high capability In composition and layout.
Satisfactory 45-74%
Acceptable number of key learning outcomes have been addressed to a competent level. Creative, design and/or technical responses may need more development. May be missing critical components of brief, or research, process and/or have made error in format specifications.
Not Satisfactory 0-44%
Response is not to an acceptable level and/or submission is incomplete. Poor presentation.


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