1. Use appropriate data visualization and descriptive statistical tools to analyze and summarize thesurvey data in the excel file questionnaire-database.
2. Compute and interpret confidence intervals for your ratio variables and key proportions for your categorical variables.
3. Summarize and explain the results in a well-written Word document and provide a well-organized Excel workbook with the full results. “Well-organized” means clear and descriptive worksheet tabs in logical order. You should comprehensively describe what statistical analysis you did and include embedded charts and portions of your Excel worksheets, as well as your interpreta-tion of results and conclusions.
4. The report should be self-sufficient so that the reader would not need to search through the Excel workbook to understand what you did, so theexcel workbook is only as a backup to verify your work. Use the Snipping tool in Excel to capture portions of the worksheets and paste them into the Word document.

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