information system

Describe and analyze an information system

Information systems have become pervasive in business organizations and society at large. We rely on them in almost every aspect of life.
Select an information system of your choosing – one that interests you and that you understand sufficiently to describe adequately. [Note; don’t just describe a generic application, such as Excel. You have to describe a specific use of the technology.]
Write a short essay – 4 to 5 double-spaced pages — to describe the system in relation to course topics.
Be sure to adequately cover all the following aspects:
1. Briefly describe the purpose of the information system and highlight key functionality – screen captures can be used for illustration, but do not include them when counting number of pages
2. Describe the technical and procedural components involved in running/maintaining the system.
3. Is it a transactional system or a reporting system (it could be both, so be specific about which features fall into a given category). Identify major inputs and outputs of the system, and also describe key elements of its processing.
4. Highlight (that is, explain in more detail) features of the system that relate to any of the following (doesn’t have to include all of these features, but should include at least one)
a. Cross-functional
b. Business intelligence
c. Cloud computing
d. E-commerce
5. Describe the benefits provided by the system, categorizing them in terms of tangible benefits (ones that can be assigned a dollar value) versus intangible benefits.
6. Identify any potential risks or difficulties involved in using the system.
7. Make at least one suggestion about how the system could be improved or enhanced.
Attach a Word document to the Blackboard assignment – turnitin link

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