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There is an outbreak of a new influenza in Australia. As a health professional, you decide to create an emergency box at home with things that might help protect you and your family. Choose seven objects e.g.(mask, gloves, sterilizer) DO NOT INCLUDE VACCINE. to put in the box providing suitable evidence of why they would be effective. You might for example, choose one or more medications.



Use your knowledge of epidemiology and the principles of infection control to guide and justify your answer.


THE ESSAY (2000 words total)


The paper must be presented as a formal scholarly essay with the following sections:


INTRODUCTION – 200 words


Contains statements regarding the purpose, scope of content and point of view to be developed in the main body of the paper.


BODY OF THE ESSAY (1600 words)

Your statements / discussion on the objects you choose must contain at least two references from reputable literature for each object. Limit your references to published literature and government web sites. Some suggested areas for discussion include;

What is a pandemic? What is an epidemic?

What is Influenza? very brief explanation


Describe each of the seven objects chosen.

What other objects did you consider? Why were these rejected? Consider two you would leave out of the box.

Justify your choice of each of the seven objects, using your knowledge of epidemiology and infection control and evidence collected

What difficulties do you think you will encounter when you use these objects?

What further information would you have liked to be able to choose the objects? Why?

Do you think you and your family would be safe? Explain.


CONCLUSION – 200 words

Draws together the main arguments in the paper but does not present new information. The conclusion may also state future directions or limitations of the work.



Correct use of Harvard referencing (see the web link below) using primary sources published after 2002, identified for use in the essay.


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