Industry Paper duscusion

Industry Paper duscusion

During your Industry Paper Assignment, you will be tasked with applying CRM to a non-aviation or aerospace industry such as maritime, railroad, healthcare, etc. In order to share some of this information with your fellow classmates, each student will provide a short summary of the application of CRM to this other industry based on your Industry Paper research and paper composition.

Compose one comprehensive paragraph (at least four sentences) summarizing your research in the application of CRM to your chosen industry. This assignment does not require you to do any additional research outside of your Industry Paper assignment, simply to provide a brief summary/abstract of your findings.

This is a summary assignment consists wholly of the student’s research in the application of CRM to another industry. The student will be issued full credit for the assignment if he/she:

Submits a short paragraph (at 4 sentences) and completes the post by the due date
Summarizes the research he/she completed in the application of CRM to another industry
Provides elaboration as necessary to support his/her point-of-view

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