Industrial applications of fluid power.


You will   be tasked to gather information from a   variety of sources and   sketch a range of   components, this must be   in an appropriate manner and   will also include a simple overview of   how they operate.You will berequired to use technicallanguage correctly.


Task 1a : (LO 1: 1.1 )


Sketch all 10   of the following and brieflydescribe only (7 of your individual choice). You are to   use correct symbols and terminology.


1)3/2 spring return operated by   push button

2)5/2 Pilot operated   DCV

3)5/3 Pilot operated spring return to centre (all ports closed) DCV

4)Dual Pressure Valve ( “&” function/gate)

5) Shuttle Valve (“Or” function/gate)

6)Air service unit

7)5/2 Solenoid operated DCV

8)3/2 P/O Spring Return DCV (Normally open & Normally closed) – 2 sketches required

9)3/2 spring return   operated by   roller

10) One way flow restrictor



Task 1b : (LO4: 4.1,4.2 & M2)


Evaluate and justify the choice of fluid power in industry. Provide examples of systems that employ pneumatic and hydraulic fluid power. Discuss the merits of theseand justifytheir choice forthe identified examples. Discuss briefly the technical requirements of these systems and explain commercial considerations for your examples.

Task 1c(LO4: 4.3)


Design and sketch a simple layout for a small scale pneumatic “service system / ring main” of the kind that could be   used to support the   use of hand   held pneumatic tools within a   small to   medium sized   workshop. Explain the purpose of thekey components and explain how your system   would be installed. Make reference to appropriate H&S legislation, outline the basic safety and maintenance requirements that you would put in placeto support your installation.

Task 1d (LO2: 2.1,2.2)


Consider the following:


1) Pneumatic accumulator/reservoir

2) Hydraulic reservoir

3) Fluid power pumps

4) Fluid power motors


Provide a simple sketch and   brief description for each of the above

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