Indigenous Australians and the Human Services ( Social Work Core Subject)so

Indigenous Australians and the Human Services ( Social Work Core Subject)so
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Assessment #2 – Expression of Interest The Expression of Interest (EOI) assessment of 2000 wds is designed to give you a practical opportunity to address your understanding of concepts and content from the course, by responding to contemporary employment criteria. It will give you an opportunity to put into practice some of your learnings and own experience related to engaging and working effectively with Indigenous Australian people and communities. You are required to write an Expression of Interest (EOI) proposal in response to criteria which feature in current employment job and person specifications. Your EOI will relate to a project that will be implemented in an Indigenous context (organisation or community). You will then need to provide details of your knowledge developed throughout the course, as it would apply to the employment criteria. The aim of the assessment is to demonstrate you have understood the course and are making the links between theory and application to practice. This assessment will explore some of the central characteristics of Indigenous Australian cultures, the history of colonisation, and influences of dominant culture, the social, economic and psychological effects of colonisation on Indigenous Australians, racism, power and whiteness, contemporary Indigenous societies, and the role of human service professionals in contemporary contexts. There are three components to this assessment and all need to be satisfactorily completed. This includes a formal ‘job’ application letter, as well as your reflections and demonstrations of comprehension. This assessment is designed for you to consider the course content, and to reflect upon feelings and understanding of the materials and concepts. You will be required to draw upon workshop content and discussions, other course materials and broader research in your responses. We will be expecting you to demonstrate that you have analysed and understood the material presented and that your writing and responses indicate reflective thinking with regard to the course content and consideration of your learning. That is, we want you to demonstrate that you have engaged in the material in a scholarly and critical manner. Details of this assessment will be discussed at length at your workshops and the criteria will be available at Learnonline.

Instruction: 1. Plz according the attached format example to do the work. 2. The page number of in-text referencing must be quoted and match with the end-text referencing. 3. Plz must read all the uploaded material file and powerpoint. Otherwise u will easily leave the topic idea because of no concept and would fail for the course. 4. This is Social Work core subject assignment and use the idea from the attached powerpoint and course outline. 5. you must use the referencing from required topic or e-reading as source or referencing that shows very strong connection of the course to the tutor. ( very very very Important) This is e- reading link: Login In Name: LEUTY012 pAssword: HKboy111
The aim of this course is to develop an understanding of the knowledge, values and skills required to work effectively as human service professionals in Indigenous contexts, which is culturally accountable to Indigenous Australian people and communities. The course provides a foundation on which to consider the contemporary issues facing human service professions in renegotiating its working relationship with Indigenous people. It aims to provide an opportunity for new beginnings to commence in welfare and social services’ commitment and accountability to justice and equity for Indigenous people. Therefore this course takes some clear value positions in relation to professional workers’ being critically reflective about both the history and future of their relationship with Indigenous people in Australia. In order to achieve this, the course requires students to engage in personal reflection about their own connections to culture and power.
Course Aim To further develop students’ understanding of the knowledge, values and skills required to work effectively as human service/social work professionals in Indigenous Australian contexts, which is culturally accountable to Indigenous Australian people and communities.
Course Objectives On completion of this course, students should be able to: CO1. demonstrate the ability to summarise the central characteristics of Indigenous Australian cultures and how these can contribute positively to social work practice and wellbeing in the community. CO2. demonstrate the application of contemporary social work/human services theory in an Indigenous Australian context. CO3. critically analyse Indigenous Australian perspectives in response to professional social work practice. CO4. comprehend the diversity and importance of cultural contexts in social work practice particularly, in relation to Indigenous Australian perspectives on contemporary issues. CO5. understand the complexity of cross cultural understandings of the past & current wellbeing of Indigenous Australians. CO6. examine the ethical dimensions of practice and the issues of accountability for professionals working in Indigenous contexts; CO7. critically analyse racism, whiteness and the role of privilege and power in the profession and as a practitioner and the impact of these in relation to Indigenous Australian peoples.

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