In adults, does cholesterol screening (versus no screening) decrease the incidence of coronary heart disease?


My topic: In adults, does cholesterol screening (versus no screening) decrease the incidence of coronary heart disease?


1.Find a minimum of eight (8) articles on their topic and create an evaluative annotated bibliography using at least eight of the articles retrieved along with a statement of what databases they searched to find the articles and research strategy used.

2. It has to be AMA manual of style so you use the correct citation format and include the correct element in your citations. Remember there is a difference in citing articles that only appear in electronic format and those that also appear in print. Also that where a DOI (digital object identifier) exists it should be used instead of he URL.

The format should be:
Citation in AMA format � with a hanging indent
A line space
Then your annotation block indented.
See sample below

Duchin JS. Can preparedness for biological terrorism save us from pertussis? Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med. 2004;158(2):106-107. Accessed June 1, 2004.

This article is essentially a think piece that describes the many steps taken to be prepared for biological terrorism and how they can be applied to prevent large outbreaks of pertussis. The data used is from white papers and the conclusions based on logical suppositions rather than any experiment.

Annotated Biblography Requirements:

1. Your citations and annotations. Annotations should BRIEFLY summarize the article and contain a sentence or two of your evaluation of the value of the article. Annotations should be in the third person.
Citations should be in alphabetical order by the last name of the first author, not numbered.

2. Search strategy should be brief but complete. State which database your searched and the strategy you used, including boolean operators, the words used for the search strategy and filters or limits. If you used more than one strategy in the same database, list them all.

3. Your search strategy should be on a separate sheet of paper. If you used more than one resource or more than on strategy, each should be listed. Each search strategy should be detailed enough so that if I use the same strategy in the same resource I would get the same results.

4. Your annotated bibliography MUST be in the format I specified in my previous announcement. The citation paragraphs must utilize a hanging indent. The annotation must be block indented 1/2 inch.

While there are many ways to create a hanging indent in Word on a PC usually use the keyboard command Control+t
For a block indent you can use the indentation icon or the keyboard command Control+m. For Apple use help.
Points will be deducted for failing to use the correct format.
Annotations that merely summarize an article without any analysis will generally receive a lower grade than those that include some useful analytical components.

5.The bibliography should be in alphabetical order by first author.

6. Font should be 12 of 11 point Arial or Times Roman
No length requirement for annotations. Longer is not necessarily better. You want to be concise, precise and grammatical.


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