Importance of ethnicity in today's society

1.Conduct an interview with someone who has experience in your selected problem area. The interview should be approximately 20 to 30 minutes.
2.After the interview, organize your notes from the interview. This can be a transcript of the part of the interview that is most valuable to the paper, or simply an organization of your notes for clarity purposes. Be sure to include any direct quotations you expect to use in your essay. For more information on transcripts and interviews, review the Interview Tips document.
3.Attach your notes from the interview in this assignment.

Interview Setup and Questions
The topic selected for the interview is that is it a good idea for people to adopt children from another ethnic group? The questions on the same are as follows:
1. What is the importance of ethnicity in today’s society?
2. Is it important to identify with one’s own ethnicity?
3. Do you identify with your ethnicity?
4. Do parenting styles vary when raising a child of a different ethnicity than the parents?
5. Are there special considerations while raising a child of a different ethnicity? If so, what are these considerations?
6. How is the child’s academic performance in school?
7. Is the child active in group co-curricular activities?
8. What are the ethnicities of a child’s core group?
9. How does the child mingle with people of his own ethnicity?
10. How does the child mingle with people of his parents’ ethnicity?
11. How is a child’s perception of oneself influenced by his perceptions of his parents?
12. How is the child’s self-discovery affected when raised by parents of a different ethnicity?
13. Have you noticed any self-esteem issues in your child?
14. What are some of the comments received from the child’s professors about his personality?
15. Was your family of one view while accepting the adoption?
16. How did you peers and neighbors respond to the adoption?
17. What was your friends’ reaction to the adoption?
18. How does your child view his own ethnicity?
19. What are some of the disadvantages of adopting a child of a different ethnicity?
20. Are you happy with your decision to adopt a child of a dif


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