Impact of technology on families Essay Assignment

Impact of technology on families Essay Assignment.

Word Document. Write an essay about the following below about 200 words and respond three persons essay which gives as an document. For responding each peer essay, just discuss within 100 words.

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Have you related course material to a personal story or news article?
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“What do you think of ___ ?”
“Have you thought of ___ ?”
When responding to your peers, you must write more than “I agree” or “I disagree” .

The last 50 years have witnessed an explosion in the role of electronic media in children’s lives (Comstock & Scharrer, 2006; Roberts & Foehr, 2008). In fact, kids born these days have no concept of living in a pre-internet world. Likewise, it is hard for me to even remember what it was like before computers and the internet since they are so embedded in my everyday life. Growing up, my family did not have a computer until I was in junior high. My family also did not have internet consistently, so I mostly had to use computers/internet at a local library or school. I got my first cell phone and laptop when I started my undergrad in the fall of 2006. And I just upgraded to my very first smartphone recently . Whereas, many kids have access to these things from nearly the beginning of life now. Thus, it is very crazy and strange for me to see preschool and elementary school children now with cell phones, iPads, etc.

Do you think technology is having a positive or negative impact on development? Or do you think it could be both? What guidelines would you give to parents and teachers for child use/skills/limits of technology to encourage healthy development? Do you think technology is having an impact on the family as well (in terms of parent-child interaction or even the marital relationship)? I have read some critics describe being in a restaurant and seeing every family member with their nose in their phone rather than talking or interacting with one another. Thus, I am very interested in hearing your observations and suggestions/guidelines pertaining to children and families.

Impact of technology on families Essay Assignment

Impact of technology on families Essay Assignment.

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