Impact of emerging infectious disease in the economic system on EE.UU Essay Dissertation Help

principal infectious emerging disease and their impact in the economic system in EE.UU.You can talk about cos and expensive s that these infectious disease provoke in our country,make a review
trough articles and literature that showing in the study,what are,the principal infectious disease, origin,incidence ,prevalence in EE.UU,clinicas manifestations ,how we get the diagnostic and
effect in our economic system.I select these topic because is very poor the information
and knowledge in our community,about all of these emerging infectious disease,all these problem,started,many years ago but are present again,and there are very dangerous for all the population in
all age.I want citation in adequate Apa style in relation with the references. In general the study is like and update of these topic,we do not use human for these study,only a deep and accurate
bibliographic revision to development these topic ,demonstrating to our audience, and the rest of facilitator the importance of promote more research and studies regarding these topic.If is
possible applied statistic methods and reflex some variables in the study. Attached a template guide,for these study.Please if better to contact me via personal email that i provide for you.

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