Impact of Citizenship on Social Exclusion

Impact of Citizenship on Social Exclusion

Impact of Citizenship on Social Exclusion

• This assignment has to be connected with the Essay Plan which is attached and also has to follow it.
• This assignment requires to write an ESSAY with 1,200 words.
• Plagiarism must be less than 15%
• APA6
• Essential Reading which have to be used
1. K. Huynh. “Us and Them: natinal Identity and the Question of ‘Belonging'” in J. George and K. huynh (eds) the culture Wars: Australian and American Politics in the 21st Century, Palgrave, Macmillan, 2009, pp. 75-91
2. S. Raj, ‘Affective displacements: Understanding Emotiions and Sexualities in Refugee Law’ in Alternative Law Journal, 2011, vol 36, No. 3, pp. 177-181
3. Windle, J and Miller, J. ‘Marginal Integration: The Reception of Refugee Background Students in Australian Schools, in L. Bartlett, A. Ghaffar-Kucher (eds) Refugees, Immigrants, and Education in the Global South: Lives, Hoboken, Taylor and Francis, 2013, pp. 196-210.
4. Bamforth, N. (2012). Sexuality and citizenship in contemporary constitutional argument. Int J Constitutional Law (2012) 10, (2), 477-492.
5. McNamara, N., Muldoon, O., Stevenson, C., & Slattery, E. (2011). Citizenship attributes as the basis for intergroup differentiation: Implicit and explicit intergroup evaluations. J. Community Appl. Soc. Psychol., 21, 243–254.
6. Hunter, M. (2007). The persistent problem of colorism: Skin tone, status, and inequality. Sociology Compass, 1/1(2007), 237–254

• Use all of six references above

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