Immanuel Kant

!!!Not allowed to use other sources. (use sources provided from professor) !!!! 1. my online e-text : email:[email protected] password: 9431894318 2. Read whole chapter on Kant as well as required web-link summary of Kant (SEE DETAIL ATTANCHMENT) . 3.When you prepare your essay, you have to be able to answer these questions in some detail. So, you have to prepare your essay very carefully so that you touch on the issues asked in each question. 4.Not allowed to use other sources. (use sources provided from professor) I will upload instruction to the account!!! Please read carefully!!!!!l

Please be aware that the Kant chapter is the longest and most difficult in the text. You will have to give it your undivided attention. Also, the short on-line reading will help you focus your reading of the text.

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