Identify three of the following by giving the context( when and where) in which the person /event had an impact –and, most importantly ,identify the reasons why its historically significant.
1. Otto von Bismarck
2. White mans burden
3. Canton system
4. Cecil Rhodes
5. Russo-japanese war
6. v.i.lenin
7. santa anna
8. meiji restoration
9. Bolsheviks
10. League of nations
11. Juan manuel de rosas
12. Triple entente
13. Sino-japanese
14. Woodrow Wilson
15. First opium war
16. Simon bolivar
17. Karl marx
18. Caudillos
19. Ito hirobumi
20. Manifest destiny
21. Taiping rebellion
22. Treaty of Guadalupe-hidalgo
23. Sun yat –sen
24. Total war
25. May4th movement
26. Triple intervention
27. Petrograd soviet
28. Porfirio diaz
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