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Follow the instruction on Word Document.
Essay Instruction:


  • Please follow the format on the attached word document, use Rhetorical Purpose Structure for the Essay.
  • Use the attached PDF as one of the source for the essay.
  • The sole purpose of this essay as to act as an external advisor, come into the company and give out recommendations on how to improve.

How can you as an constant to create/make changes a more efficient measurement for a company?

Suggestion approaches: Jumpstart Case

  1. take a position, there is too much to measure, not its not important, but is there measurement we should eliminate, which one, and why? Do they work together or working against each other?
  2. may you see the measurement in place, although good, is not fit for non profit company, maybe its a mistake. How would you counter that? what changes to make it more efficient? reasons and why. (a lot of non profit company professional tend to not see measurements at all, convince them, they only focus on good)
  3. is the measurement system sustainable? can we continue to do what we are doing as the business expand?


How does your recommendation impact your audience? Primary, Secondary and Other, give reasons to convince them each to accept your recommendation, why is it good? Beneficial how?


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