Iconographical representations to express your life story

Iconographical representations to express your life story

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Before you read the instructions please note: I just need you to complete the essay only, feel free to create on your own ideas. I will base on your idea to create my work of art. Your assignment is to create a 2 or 3-dimensional work of art using iconographical representations to express your life story. In addition to your work of art, you will also write a two-three page essay interpreting your icons. Decorate your artwork with six symbols that represent six different aspects of your life that represents who you are. You can use images to symbolize things such as ancestry, interests, hobbies, goals, dreams, nationality, relationships, fears, experiences, and etcetera. You should incorporate at least three different media, such as painting, drawing, photography, collage, and etc. Also consider the art styles, visual elements, and principles of design we will be studying in the coming week when designing your composition. Your essay should include a paragraph for each symbol explaining its meaning and how it relates to you. Additionally, you should address your process and consideration of principles of design and visual elements in your art work. Your project will not be graded on your artistic ability, but on effort, creativity, presentation, and on the successful completion of each requirement of the assignment. Please keep in mind that the art projects will be shared with the entire class so please make sure you are comfortable sharing what you have included in your project with your classmates. Since some of these projects can be very personal, I want to emphasize the importance of being respectful and considerate of our fellow classmates. Paper Requirements: 2-3 pages double-spaced 12-point font 1-inch margins All papers and art projects are due at the beginning of class on Friday, October 30. You can submit your paper to Canvas and bring your project to class.

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