Human Rights Reflection

The Assignment (3–4 pages in APA format): Your Assignment should include the following:
• A detailed and objective description of the human rights issues presented in this week’s readings
• An explanation of the nature of the issue(s) and its significance to you as a public administrator
• An explanation of what the readings meant to you in the context of your feelings, values, knowledge, and experience
• An explanation of the implications these readings might have for public administrators
• A summary of one of the following:
o What you learned about yourself as a public administrator based on your reaction to the readings
o What you learned about global governance from examining these readings
o Why this knowledge is important to you as a developing public administrator
o How you might apply this knowledge in your future practice
Note: Provide specific examples and cite your references.
Support your Assignment with specific references to all resources used in its preparation. Provide a reference list with all resources included in the paper.

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