Human Resources Management (HRM)

Human Resources Management (HRM)

Human Resources Management (HRM)
Paper should include:
A brief overview of the experience (i.e., what was the case about? what did you do? etc.)
A discussion of the related theories and course material (e.g., brief definition/description of the most relevant ethics concepts/theories)
An analysis of your decision (e.g., What factors/theories did your team consider in your decision making process? What did you decide? Do you think you made a good decision? Why or why not?)
What did you learn from this experience that you can apply in a managerial role?

What will an A paper look like?
Demonstrate an understanding of course concepts related to the exercise
Majority of the paper is devoted to analysis (rather than description).
Even if your team doesn’t perform as well as you would have liked in an exercise, you can still write an A paper! The important thing is to demonstrate what you learned.
Provide specific examples from the experience and link them to specific ideas, concepts and theories discussed in class.

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