Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management, there are three following questions:

1. Assess the strengths and weaknesses of the approach to downsizing at John Crane Flexibox. (800 words, at least 6 references)

2. To what extent is Christine Williamson making an effective contribution to the strategic management of HRM at the company? (850 words, and at least 6 references).

3. Answer one question among the following (question 3, 4 or 5):
(Q3, 850 words, with at least 6 references).
3. What advice would you give to Christine Williamson on introducing a system of line manager led employee team briefing at the company.

4. What are the arguments for and against switching to the outsourcing of service provision in respect of maintenance and vehicle hire at John Crane Flexibox.?

5. What recommendations would you make to Christine Williamson to continue to develop the human resources after the survivors’ interim appraisal?

The answers should take the form of a properly structured short essay, and pls clearly show the title of each question.

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