Organisation Design & Organisation Development

(your Action Learning Set groups) produce
1. a report and 2. Deliver a PowerPoint presentation that uses academic models from the course to critically assess the effectiveness and efficiency of your Action Learning set. Specifically you should:

1. Reflect upon the outcomes of action learning set process and critically assess action learning as a tool for addressing organisational issues.
2. Include relevant academic organisation design and development theory in support of your discussion.
3. Produce a set of Power Point slides detailing the content of your presentation.

Learning Outcomes Assessed

Will be able to demonstrate an understanding, analyse and critically evaluate:

• Understand, analyse and critically evaluate the processes and systems that need to be in place to maintain such structures and relationships and evaluation of same.
• Understand, analyse and critically evaluate the methods and procedures of organisation development and review their strategic impact.
• Understand, analyse and critically evaluate possible change management strategies and activities, through the application of organisation development strategies, which might support organisation design and realignment outcomes.
• The importance of the HR role in advising on organisation design and development choices and supporting their implementation.
1. Group Report (2500 words – this can be increased to 3000 words to accommodate all individual reflections if you have a large group)
• Introduction to Action Learning (AL).
• Introduction to your Action Learning Set (ALS).
• Short (approximately between 200 and 300 words) individual reflections from each group member in relation to your experiences of being involved in an ALS.
• Detailed discussion relating to the group’s experiences of ALS meetings. Within this section please include 2 problems/cases/meetings as examples. I expect to see some related Organisation Design theory within this section to help explain the circumstances under which the problem presenter is/was operating.
• A collective critical analysis (including opinions from the whole group) of AL as a means of collective reflective learning and its potential as a tool within a wider Organisation Development context. Please ensure that you include AL and Organisation Development theory within this analysis.
• Conclusions
• Recommendations that may include how you envisage this approach could be adopted by you or others in the future.
• Appendix section to include copies of the presentation PowerPoint slides. No more than between 7 and 10 slides to be included.

2. Presentation
• Introduction to AL and your ALS members – ensure that too much time isn’t wasted describing AL. You can assume that your audience knows the concept.
• Introduction to the 2 problems/cases you wish to discuss (include Organisation Design theory to help explain the organisations’ contexts, and the circumstances of the problems faced by the problem presenters).
• Critical analysis of AL (including your experiences) and its potential within Organisation Development.
• Recommendations for future use.

CU Harvard Referencing

Assessment Criteria and Marking Scheme is on the following page.

Organisation Design and Development

Assessment Criteria % of Overall Mark
Reflections relating to the outcomes of action learning set meetings take full account of the organisations’ business environments and organisational contexts (including behaviours, cultures, structures and strategies). 35
Demonstrates a critical awareness of action learning as a tool within a wider Organisation Development context. 35
Application of relevant theory and academic models to provide an effective blend of theory and practice. 25
Application of approved academic referencing.

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