Watch this movie then answer the questions

1. Describe the population of New Amsterdam in the 1620s. Who did the work? Who controlled the workers? Where did workers go to meet and to talk?

2. How did the Dutch acquire the slaves they brought to New Amsterdam? What is meant by term “Atlantic Creole?”

3. What are some of the rights enslaved people had in New Amsterdam? Beside religious conviction, why did many slaves become Christian?

4. What was “half-freedom?” Compare and contrast it to slavery.

5. Describe some of the difficulties facing the free black population in colonial America. What were some the challenges to family life?

6. What were some of the rules created to restrict the freedom of slaves as slavery became more race based?

7. Who taught South Carolina planters the knowledge of rice cultivation? Describe how slavery in South Carolina was different from the Cheasepeake?

8. Why did the slave trade from Africa increase? How did slave traders acquire slaves? What slaves were considered most valuable?

9. Why did South Carolina whites fear a rebellion from their black slaves? What did whites do to try to prevent a slave insurrection?

10. Describe the Stono Rebellion? What happened to the rebels? How did government in South Carolina react?
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