How to become successful.

Write a paper (choose one):

1. Interview a business professional or someone in your field for 30+ minutes. Write a report using the following questions:

1) what prompted you to become a (whatever job or profession)?
2) who helped you get to where you are today?
3) what is the one thing you would recommend on becoming successful in your field?
4) what do you see as your 5-year plan?

2. Watch CNN or another sports network where there is more than one speaker talking to the camera (a play-by-play also works). As you listen to your favorite broadcaster or sports expert, observe the following:

1) Does the broadcaster talk more than listen?
2) Is there an interchange of banter between the two speakers?
3) Is there “overtalking”, where two people talk at once?
4) Is there a conversation going on, or just two people talking?

3. Watch a talk show host (late night or otherwise) and observe how they interview people. Check to see how they display the following attributes and write the report on your comments about the following:

1) can s/he block out external distractions?
2) is s/he actively involved in the conversation?
3) does s/he listen empathetically without interrupting?
4) does s/he paraphrase her/his guests’ ideas?

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