How independent television producers can own their intellectual property

How independent television producers can own their intellectual property
Review of Current Thinking
In critically assessing current thinking you will examine theoretical perspectives that are
relevant to your problem or issue and which will be used to inform the investigation.
Current thinking will be found in both academic and practitioner literature and you are
likely to draw on both sources. There is no requirement to favour one over the other; the
balance will depend on your particular topic. However, it is important whichever you use
that you are drawing on good quality literature and you should consider this as you
develop your core reading. You are expected to go beyond what is taught on the
programme to date and therefore present a more in-depth (and consequently more
focused) engagement with theory than up to now. Depending on the topic, this may
involve cross-disciplinary study. In your review, you should make clear in what ways current
thinking will contribute to your investigation and thinking around the topic.
Your review of current thinking is where you demonstrate your ability to engage with
leading-edge management knowledge, master current thinking in a particular topic area in
a systematic and critical way, and use theoretical knowledge to inform practical action.

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