How does your industry work with measurable objectives?

answer the first two questions


Part I

The foundation pieces of any instructional design are the measurable objectives created as the result of completing the Analysis Phase of the design model. How does your industry incorporate the Analysis Phase when creating training or educational events? How does your industry work with measurable objectives? Does your industry use gaming or social media to support measurable objectives? If so, provide an example.


Part II

Share an educational/training experience where the instructional intervention did not align with the knowledge gap identified in an analysis. How did the learners react? Was the misalignment resolved? If so, how?






Deliverable Length:  4-6 pages


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 Assignment Description


Description: The needs assessment process is the essential first step in the instructional design process, where, among other things, you identify where performance may be lacking. The difference between actual (or current performance) and desired performance is called the knowledge gap (Note: The identification of the knowledge gap becomes the subject/topic of your computer mediated learning module). Based on the knowledge gap, you then develop the instructional objectives (both terminal course objectives and enabling objectives). These learning objectives form the basis by which you develop the instructional content that will bridge the knowledge gap. As a result of your needs assessment, you decided the most appropriate media to deliver the educational intervention is the development of a stand-alone, self-contained, computer-based learning module.


Consequently, for this assignment, you will conduct a needs assessment that will lead to the development of your self-contained, stand-alone, computer-basedlearning module. A self-contained, stand-alone learning module means the learners must be able to self-direct their learning without intervention or help from an instructor. The module must be a full lesson that the intended learner will complete by him- or herself. The module that you create cannot be part of a teacher-led class. Keep in mind that what you are designing now you will ultimately use Lectora to create in your final specialization class. Therefore, do not include any activities or assessments that cannot be done in Lectora. Do not reuse any products or topics previously created in other courses.


Download the Needs Assessment Worksheet to collect the necessary information you will need to complete your needs assessment. Your needs assessment report must be in APA format and must contain these essential components:


  • Project title and proposal context
  • Identification of the knowledge gap
    • Current performance (knowledge) vs. desired performance (knowledge)
  • Instructional Goal(s)
  • Terminal Course Objectives (minimum of 2 TCOs) Written in ABCD format
  • Enabling Objectives (minimum of 2 enabling objectives per instructional unit) Written in ABCD format
  • Overview of content and performance tasks
  • Target audience description
  • Project scope
  • Technological considerations


Note: The Needs Analysis worksheet is for use as an aid in creating your assignment . Also, to assist in the development of your TCOs and enabling objectives, please review A Quick Reference Guide to Developing Cognitive Learning Objectives, which can be located in the MEDLibGuides and within the Lectora Learning Lab. Your deliverable is an APA formatted paper based on the information gathered in the Needs Assessment worksheet.


IMPORTANT: Throughout this course, you will be developing a needs assessment, an instructional design document, and corresponding storyboard. The design document is a product of your needs assessment and will be used to design your storyboard (a storyboard is a visual depiction of your learning module). All the deliverables in this course will build on each other and ultimately lead to the development of your stand-alone, computer-based learning module using Lectora in EDU651.

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