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The research-based essay will be marked according to the following main criteria:
appropriately defining the scope of the research
the use of appropriate sources of information (e.g. academic journal articles, reputable business journals, research reports)
the degree to which the arguments in the literature reviewed are critically evaluated and analysed
the degree to which appropriate conclusions are derived from the analysis of the literature

Other considerations include:
clarity and structure of the arguments (formal essay format with appropriate introduction and conclusions)
overall presentation, including spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Some Hints & Tips
• You can redefine the scope of your research to focus on a more specific topic, so long as the literature review remains within the boundaries of the broader subject (for example, you can limit the review to what has been published in the last 10 years; or limit the review to research about a particular industry or country).
• The bibliography should demonstrate the breadth of your research, so read widely with the aim of knowing all there that has been published on your specific topic. All of your reading should be noted in the bibliography.
• The literature that you include in your review should be what is most relevant to your specific topic
• Cluster the arguments and counter-arguments together for better analysis.
• Evaluate the underlying strength of the research

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