How Been Varified Packages and Sells Data

How Been Varified Packages and Sells Data

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Clearly states purpose of the paper in introduction (Example: “In this paper, I will examine Company X, which packages consumer information. I will highlight some of their main practices, and discuss what kinds of information they collect from consumers. I will then critique certain practices of Company X based on research, drawing unique insights using course material. Finally, I will make recommendations for how the company could alter some of its practices, and specifically how they can provide more protections to consumers.)

Body Paragraph:
Identifies and describes most relevant facts about the company’s practices

Explains and connects course concept(s) and theory(ies) to help develop educated conclusions in the analysis of the company

Includes relevant facts and evidence to support conclusions, but avoids use of overly long quotes or overuse of references to replace critical thinking and analysis .

Develops educated conclusions about company practices and the impact of its practices for marketers, consumers, and/or society; provides unique insight into issues with conclusions

Outlines clear organization of paper in the introductory paragraph, and all paragraphs are properly organized in paper. Paragraphs are edited and contain only relevant and necessary information. Paper follows proper resource format

Demonstrates proper grammar, word usage and mechanics.

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